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Remedial massage can aid in treating and releasing muscle tension, assisting with pain and injury management, increase joint mobility, relaxing and toning muscles (in other words, a passive workout!) 

Treatment may include deep tissue work, use of hot stones, myofascial release (passive stretching of your fascia (connective tissue), and trigger point therapy.


Remedial massage will stimulate blood and lymph flow throughout your body, decrease pain and tension in the treated muscles and you will enjoy the added bonus of the release of your "feel good" hormones: Endorphins, Seratonin & Dopamine.

Aromatherapy hot stone massage is personally designed for your needs on the day of your massage during your consultation. Aromatherapy provides an extension range of holistic benefits such as relaxing, calming and soothing to your nervous system,: invigorating, reviving, grounding and healing. It improves your sleep patterns and assists in the relief of muscular tension. It works perfectly in synergy with a therapeutic hot stone massage to leave you feeling de-stressed, revitalised and uplifted.  

An aromatherapy essential oil infused clay body wrap will cleanse, detoxify and firm your skin, leaving it feeling soft, silky and super hydrated. Followed by a therapeutic and relaxing hot stone massage, you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and deeply relaxed.

Meditation teaches your mind to be centered and calm. It enables you to have control over your thinking, reflect on positive aspects of your life, and develop positive thinking and and healthy mindset. Healing using mind-body medicine begins with promoting physical and mental relaxation, and developing better methods of coping with stress. The benefits of meditation as a healing tool for both psychological and physiological conditions is infinite.

I incorporate the use the hot stones in all treatments to provide the best possible experience and outcome of your massage

Gift certificates available in clinic

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New clients - please arrive 5 mins before your appointment to complete your client intake paperwork.

Clinic entrance is via driveway in North Street, gate will be opened 5 minutes before your appointment. Please feel free to park in the driveway to the left.

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